CSUN ASA Welcomes You!



Founded in 1976, California State University, Northridge’s chapter of the Armenian Student Association is dedicated towards creating spirited and cultural events that both educate and unite the Armenian community living in the Northridge area and beyond. We welcome all interested peers!


The Armenian Student Association (ASA) at CSUN is an organization that serves to present Armenian history and culture to the Armenian and non-Armenian student population. Through the understanding of such a vibrant history and culture, ASA aspires to achieve 3 objectives.

1. To advocate awareness against violence and discrimination (most notably, to advocate awareness of the Armenian Genocide).
2. To spread Armenian representation throughout the university.
3. To amplify Armenian unity.

ASA also aims to provide an enjoyable environment through Armenian food, music, culture, company and conversation!

We welcome anybody interested in expanding their knowledge of a distinct and beautiful culture.